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What is Close Reading?

Close reading sounds like the simple practice of closely reading a text for understanding, but close reading techniques students learn in the classroom are slightly more complex, and much more enriching.
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How to Write a Conclusion: A Sentence-by-Sentence Guide

While most students understand how to write a solid introduction, and know how to add body paragraphs with supporting arguments, they struggle to start a conclusion. Read here for tips on teaching how to write a conclusion paragraph!

How to Teach Critical Thinking

Every time you make an inference, prepare an argument, or solve a problem with given information, you use critical thinking skills. It’s never too early for students to develop a skill so necessary for solving challenges!
Harry Potter Reading Level

Harry Potter Reading Level

Harry Potter is, without a doubt, the world’s most renowned boy wizard. His many books have millions of devoted readers. But, are Harry’s books a good fit for your child’s reading level?
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