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The Difference Between Tone and Mood - article photo

The Difference Between Tone and Mood

Tone and mood are easy to confuse! To understand how they are different, let’s first take a look at what tone and mood each mean. Then, we can discuss what makes them different and how to identify both tone and mood in a book.
What is the theme of a story?

What is the Theme of a Story?

To find the theme in a story, it can be helpful to think about why the author wrote the text. However, don't get confused with the plot of the story! Read through this article to learn the difference between the theme and plot of a story.
What is a central idea in literature?

What is a Central Idea in Literature?

Sometimes, the central idea in a text can be recognized in just the title or first sentence alone. However, it is more likely that it will take some digging to find the central idea. In this article, you'll learn about helpful tips and strategies for finding the central idea in any piece of literature!

Writing Help for Elementary Students

Back in school, you probably had some moments where you just did not feel like writing — the topic wasn’t interesting, you didn’t like poetry, or you just felt intimidated by the blank white page. Your child probably feels the same way at times. That’s why we developed a list of tips, tools, and free…
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