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How to Teach Kids to Read: 5 Ideas That Work

How to Teach Kids to Read

When you already know how to read, it seems like such an easy skill. Then you sit down with your child and the prospect of teaching reading to them becomes suddenly overwhelming! Don’t worry! Teaching your kids to read takes time but with these 5 ideas, you’ll notice marked improvement in your child’s reading skills in no time. 

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What are Informational Texts?

Informational texts

Unlike fiction and literature, informational texts do not use characters or anything fictional.  Different from narratives that tell a story across time sequentially, informational texts are often non-linear. 

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What Should Kids Know Before Kindergarten?

What to Know Before Kindergarten

Kindergarten is an exciting step towards growing independence! As the first day of school approaches, your child should be able to do a few things on their own without much prompting or assistance. Read on for more on what your kids should know before kindergarten!

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What Is an IEP in Education?

What is an IEP?

Regardless of what you already know about the IEP, this guide will help make that information a little clearer so you are aware of how much these plans help support children who learn and think differently.

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