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Improve Reading Skills with Comic Books

Improve Reading Skills with Comic Books!

Reading is a complex skill to master and one that takes lots of practice. And what better way to encourage practice than with the most attractive reading material of all: Comic books!
What is Inference in Reading?

What is Inference in Reading?

When we make inferences while reading, we’re literally reading between the lines. Learning this valuable skill helps kids deepen their reading experience and understand the more subtle aspects of what they’re reading.
What is Reading Fluency?

What is Reading Fluency?

Fluency refers to doing something easily and well. When a child can read fluently, he reads accurately, smoothly and with expression. All of this increases his comprehension.
What is the most important factor in improving reading comprehension?

What is the Most Important Factor in Improving Reading Skills?

Many different factors affect a child’s ability to improve his reading skills. By knowing what they are – and which ones are most important – you, as a parent, can help.
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