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What is an Oxford Comma? Article Image

What Is an Oxford Comma?

Can you think of an example where an oxford comma changes the meaning of a sentence? Sometimes the misunderstandings can be pretty funny! To learn about the purpose of an oxford comma, click here.
Mystery Books for Kids Article Image

5 Mystery Books for Kids

If you're looking to do some investigating and mystery solving, then these 5 mystery books for kids are just for you! Read through this list and choose which story will be your next adventure.
First Person vs. Third Person Article Image

First Person vs. Third Person

To further your writing and reading skills, it's important to understand the difference between points of view. Here, you'll learn all about first person vs. third person point of view and when to use each one!
What is the resolution of a story? Article photo

What is the Resolution of a Story?

A story has 5 elements: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. Resolutions help tie the story together so you feel ready to close the book and your questions are all answered.
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